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Many Challenges and One Solution

With a multitude of different vendors a wide spread of interfaces is to be expected, as it is one way to bind customers to ones company. This, of course, arises a challenge to overcome for smaller and medium sized agricultural businesses. 

Our Smart Sensor Integration Framework helps these businesses by delivering a solution that allows them to integrate any commonly used interface into their infrastructure. Preinstalled bundles ease the implementation of new sensors or machinery and help farmers to digitize their businesses.  

One of the more common problems that farmers are facing while trying to digitize their businesses is the lack of stable internet connection on the fields. Transferring data from the field into the cloud can create a big challenge. 

dmc-ssi has a multitude of ways to bypass the need for a stable internet connection. For example can farmers use protocols such LORAWAN or integrate a SIM into the corresponding Edge Device, where the data gets structured and organized before being sent, to overcome this challenge. 

With the collection of vast amounts of data through sensors, drones and other digital tools, farmers are understandably concerned about the privacy of their sensitive information. This could include proprietary farming techniques, financial data, and personal information about their operations. Furthermore due to farms becoming more interconnected and reliant on digital systems, they become potential targets for cybercriminals. This could lead to a disrupt in operations, the compromise of sensitive data or even damaged equipment, resulting in a big financial loss. 

This undermines the importance of a secure IT-Infrastructure. dmc-ssi offers a very safe way of transmitting the collected data to the farmers management systems thanks to the implemented secure Datatunnel, where only the farmer himself can access the data from the Remote Management system.

Farmers are often concerned about the fact that they might not be able to utilize modern farming technology to its full potential while still having to face the full expenses. 

Our Sensor Framework, dmc-ssi, comes with a Userinterface that was created together with the Low Code Plattform Mendix, a Siemens Business. We designed it in a way so that everyone can operate it easily, laying a specific eye on the user experience with a clearly arranged design and logical navigation through the menu. It is available as a desktop, mobile and tablet verison.

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