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Smart Edge- / Cloud Integration

The scope of applications for Smart Edge and/or Smart Cloud Integration covers a variety of domains – from simple machine networking in the production hall to Edge Analytics in the industry 4.0 context or even to large sensor networks for Smart Cities.
There are countless infrastructure solutions for these kinds of problems in the market. In our long history, we have dealt with many of them, but only a few have really convinced us.
Above all, we have often seen a great contrast between “developer-friendly” and “end-user-friendly“.

Offered products that look attractive for end users can be arranged easily and thus allow to produce IOT use-cases with just a few simple clicks. For some people this is totally sufficient, but if you like to use hierarchical architectures, higher performance or just different protocols, this usually entails a huge effort for the developer.
On the other hand, developer-friendly tools offer an extremely high degree of flexibility and possibilities for individual extensions, but the ordinary user is usually overwhelmed rather than motivated by this freedom.

The art of Edge- /Cloud integration is to design the architecture as lean as possible with maximum efficiency.
However, not only efficiency is important, but also the tailor-made implementation adapted to the requirements.

Which level of data throughput is required for the application?

Which hardware solution harmonizes best with the architecture?

Does the device have to be robust enough for outdoor use or does it interfere with other devices in a factory building?

Our contribution in this context should be understood as a complete package. It ranges from the simple consulting and feasibility analysis around the application case to the creation of an architectural concept and the “hands on” implementation on site.
Of course, an existing IT system landscape, allows to integrate existing hardware or software stacks on a large scale to not only create an isolated solution but also to add value through reusability.
If your choice of the IOT-SDK has not been made so far, we would like to refer to our positive experiences with the solution of our Austrian partner macchina.io. Macchina.io’s IOT SDK enables the creation of a user-friendly and yet highly efficient architecture due to the hardware-oriented programming based on C++ as well as high-performance POCO C++ libraries.

Whether using macchina.io or a different (open source) solution, together we will find the ideal strategy for your individual application for a Smart Edge or Smart Cloud Integration – we are looking forward to this challenge.

The most exciting thing about the development in the IIoT area is the extreme diversity of applications and different technologies.

One of the uncertainties in an initial customer talk are the technologies you will be working with today and the application our client has in his pocket.

From integrating entire sensor networks into production systems to safety-relevant applications in the surveillance/safety area to the use of intelligent sensor technology for automatic feeding machines in agriculture – everything is included.

The following applications and technologies are part of our standard portfolio:

  • Sensor Device Integration of various devices
  • Edge Device Development
  • Applications for communications based on:
    • MQTT
    • CAN
    • I2C
  • Application for the following plattforms:
    • STM / ESP
    • Raspberry
  • Development with the following frameworks:
    • Macchina.io
    • ARM Pelion
    • Node-RED
    • Mosquitto