Leverage the potential of your data

Welcome to the world of edge devices, where data processing and analytics are revolutionized.
These decentralized computing units bring computation closer to the data source, enabling real-time analysis and reducing latency.
With enhanced data security, optimized network bandwidth, and offline functionality, edge devices offer a range of benefits.

The Edge Devices allow any data functions (collect, sort, filter, aggregate, integrate, …) to be easily programmed and installed or exchanged at runtime. Especially by providing appropriate basic functionalities for many sensor types and protocols, dmc-ssi is ideally suited to integrate arbitrary sensor technology in a simple and straightforward way.

Our Framework already includes a cache mechanism and automated forwarding for sensor data to a dmc-ssi remote manager.
In case the connection is disrupted, this functionality protects against data loss.

Your Benefits

Reduction of Complexity

No Hardware-Lock-In

High Performance

Low Footprint

Modernize Legacy Code Bases

Support of JavaScript


Secure Remote Maintenance

dmc-ssi, partly based on macchina.io REMOTE, offers a secure remote maintenance and remote access through Web, SSH and VNC. The WebTunnel-Agent connects the Edge Devices with a reflector server via WebTunnel protocol, which is based on a Websocket specification. The WebTunnel-Agent usually runs on the Edge Device, but it can be used seperately on a router, gateway or industry grade computer as well.

Communication protocols

The broad assistance for modern and old communication protocols eases the integration of sensor networks, automation devices and Cloud services.
Currently this includes the following protocols:
HTTP, MQTT, REST, JSON-RPC, SOAP, UPnP™, Modbus, OPC-UA, CANopen, S7, etc.

Efficiency and Performance

dmc-ssi was implemented in C++ for efficiency, low space requirements and great performance. Extremely modular design und flexible scalability are only a few aspects that make our framework a perfect solution for a wide range of devices and applications.

Device Application Server

dmc-ssi, partly built from macchina.io EDGE, is based on a powerful embedded Web-application server and offers a flexible modular system for dynamic expandable applications with extensive webbased user-interfaces.

Sensors and Device API's

dmc-ssi offers extensive API’s for access to different sensors and devices, which can be used with JavaScript- and native C++-Code.

Sensor Integration

To ensure lean device management the integration of sensors occurs automatically, based on your configuration data.

Embedded Databank

We use SQLite as embedded databank, which is an excellent fit for logging sensor data and is available in JavaScript- , as well as C++ Code.

Components and Services

An architecture consisting of component-bundles and services allows modular applications, to be updated, maintained and extended with new functions in the field.

JavaScript Engine

Macchina.io EDGE as a basis for dmc-ssi contains a V8-JavaScript-Engine, which compiles JavaScript for excellent performance in native ARM-, MIPS-, or x86-machine code.

Data Cache

The data cache mechanism of the edge device holds sensor and process data for immidiate processing. This helps to prevent data loss during connection problems.

For detailed information about the current capabalities of our Framework and corresponding requirements,
please contact us or refer to our latest product sheet. 

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