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Do you need more information about the status of your shopfloor? 

Smart Sensor Integration Framework dmc-ssi

designed to collect, process and forward data

consisting of:
configurable Edge Devices
Remote Manager
Mendix User-Interface

based on: IoT Framework 

Secure Remote Management

Using a multitude of security mechanisms we can assure you, that your data is protected from all angles. As your devices are never directly exposed to the Internet, they can safely stay behind a firewall or router, which leaves no opportunity for direct attacks.  

Flexible Configuration

dmc-ssi is far away from a rigid framework. It can be freely configurated to specific customer needs, reaching from design to the integration of particular applications. It is available on multiple operating systems and comes with a well-structured Right and Role Administration.

Scalable & Cloud Enabled

The remote server typically runs on a virtual Linux server or in a container. It can be deployed to any cloud service, such as Azure and AWS or on-premise. Depending on the size of your operation, multiple instances might be required. In these cases a load-balancing setup will help you to process the large number of information.

Plug & Play

The Smart Sensor Integration Framework dmc-ssi is able to support a multitude of old and new communication protocols, such as HTTP, MQTT, REST, JSON-RPC, SOAP, UPnPTM, Modbus, OPC-UA, CANopen, etc.. Having readily prepared Docker-Software Bundles increases the speed of implementation of our solution, thus reducing your downtime.  

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