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How does collaboration with dmc-smartsystems look like?

What kinds of cooperation do we offer?

What are the first (and next) steps in a joint project?

Find the answers on this website!

The first steps to our joint project:

Step 1 – Sought & Found

Whether you met us during one of our trade fair appearances, joined us on news and videos on our social media channels (LinkedInYoutube), or simply stumbled across us by chance while searching for the latest technology trends – you have found us!

This and all other sites following our homepage will have one aim and only one: to supply with all the important information about us, our technologies and the oppurtunities of our cooperation! So you are exactly at the right place.

Step 2 – Common Ground

Take your time to find out more so you can get a good idea of our company and our portfolio as a service provider. It is important for us that  there is a solid, common basis from the very beginning to pave the way for a successful long-term business partnership.

Use the navigation bar on our website to jump directly to technology that is most important for you.

You want to stay up to date at all times? 
Follow us on LinkedIn to get the latest information from us and our partner network or take a look at our reference projects and find out what we have achieved in our previous customer and research projects. We are eager to provide you with all the information you require so that you can make a well-founded decision.

You have no time to do research or you set a high value on personal consulting from the beginning? – Then skip this part and continue with step three.

Erfolgreich unterwegs in vielen Branchen

Step 3 – The Initial Face-to-Face Consultation

Just dial +49 (0)89 42774 177 and you will be directly connected with one of our employees (Mr. Alexander Fendl). Or send a short mail describing the nature of your embedded challenge to to enjoy a first personal consultation on your request.

Step 4 – Exploration Meeting

In a fourth step, we will evaluate all important requirements for the upcoming project in a joint meeting, to make sure that your future partner knows all relevant details, like business objectives or technical & organizational constraints for the success of the project.
In this exploration meeting it is important to us that all necessary stakeholders of the project have their say and the understanding and expectations of the project are synchronized.

Once we have developed a common understanding and set expectations, you can look forward with confidence to a solid basis for a successful project.

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Step 5 – A non-binding Offer

As a final step 5, we will incorporate all pieces of project information gathered from our discussions into a non-binding commercial offer.

With this offer you will then hold the basis of our first joint project in your hands. After accepting the offer and sending a purchase order according to your company’s purchasing process, we will roll up our sleeves and get down to work for your success!

Ein unverbindliches Angebot

Contractual types of cooperation:

During our 30-year company history we have already worked with our customers on the basis of various terms and conditions. Three basic principles have always proven themselves, which we would like to present to you here. This means full flexibility for you when drawing up contracts, so that you can use our services in accordance with your company’s general framework.

Focus on the Product itself – the Work Contract

You would like to subdivide your product and the required software development into manageable work packages at a fixed price?

We would be happy to offer you the option of drawing up a work contract for this approach. All you have to do is to describe the final product and its specifications as well as acceptance criteria. We will set up the right project team for you that is capable of this task and deliver the finished product at the end of the development cycle.


Focus on Flexibility – the Service Contract

You want to have a constant influence on the desired features during your product’s development process and be able to re-prioritize requirements if necessary?

Specifications and requirements for the product may consequently change quickly and at short notice?

We also offer our services on the basis of a service contract to guarantee full flexibility when designing your product. The work of our development team in agile sprints is a good example.
As Product Owner, you will receive a tested product at the end of each sprint with the features you have specified.

We stay in close communication with you about the progress of your product. After each sprint you may, of course, re-prioritize the tasks for the next one and thus continuously shape the product precisely to your wishes. This approach is particularly suitable for the expansion of the business model into unknown domains or for the integration of new technologies.

Consulting projects are often arranged under this contract category.


Focus on Manpower – the Temporary Employment Service

You neither want to outsource parts of your business nor develop a product with an external team – all you need are a few of our experts to strengthen your existing project team?

Dmc-smartsystems is well prepared for this demand and has the official permission to carry out temporary employment.

  • You need an expert in firmware development to maintain and enhance your embedded device,
  • an AI expert who will work with your project team to take your product to the next level,
  • or simply someone with technical expertise who can talk to your customers directly on behalf of your company?

No problem: These requirements are covered by our temporary employment service contracts, so you have full control.

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